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There’s no better time than now to join us for Buggyfit at Home.

  •  We will deliver all 14 weeks in one so you can pick and choose how and when you exercise, and you can link to us via email with any questions too?
  • Do you relish a few moments of ‘me time’, to do some exercise and gain some energy?
  • Are you just keen to begin your journey to physical and mental wellbeing, to be the best you can be without compromising time with your little ones?
  • You want results but don’t know how to do it safely and effectively bringing the results you are looking for?

Look no further….

You can now nourish your mind and your body in just 10 -20 minutes per day, with your baby by your side or snoozing upstairs and get the results you’re looking for, with our new Buggyfit at Home programme.

Why Buggyfit at Home?

We both understand how hard it can be to be all things to all people and to allow yourself time to stay fit and healthy within this demanding mix of motherhood. We have therefore, spent months compiling, testing and creating the perfect programme of ‘At Home’ workouts to give you a steadfast, reliable source of instruction to enable your postnatal body to heal, restore, strengthen and tone, without the hassle of leaving your front door, or seeking childcare.

What we also know is that keeping active always has a positive impact helping you to enjoy motherhood, from those new born weeks to the teenage years! The general postnatal information available is sketchy and often contradictory so we have worked together alongside Doctors and midwives to bring you the latest guidance to help you through your journey.

Buggyfit at home view

What to expect

Buggyfit at Home is compiled and delivered using introductory videos with follow on weekly videos, by Founder of Buggyfit, Personal trainer and Mum of 2 teenagers, Emma Redding, along with specialist women’s health physiotherapist, Pilates guru and busy Mum of two young girls, Megan Vickers. Our gold standard qualifications, ongoing training and development, along with our years and experience training Mums makes this the ultimate all-in-one workout package, suitable for any Mum.

Buggyfit for results


Following the simple workouts in this programme and ensuring you are mastering each one by the end of the week or are going over a certain week until you feel strong enough to move on, will ensure you get the results you are looking for and feel more energised and toned as a result. Oh and we've added some bonus videos for you to pop in some weeks if you are feeling up for an extra challenge.

Buggyfit posture class


We do not recommend exercising while holding, lifting, or carrying your baby, either by hand or in a sling nor using your baby as weight. Why? Because holding a baby (either by hand or in a sling) will change your posture and may compromise your technique, thus at best slowing your results, at worst leading to injury.

Meet Emma and Megan

Emma Redding

Founder of Buggyfit

After the birth of my son in 2002 and four stones heavier, I knew I had to shift the weight as it was unhealthy and uncomfortable. It became apparent very quickly that there were no health and fitness experts locally to help me get back in shape. So I kicked into my own regime, but of course, finding the time to exercise with a new baby and having to fit in with limited crèche times at the gym, the excuses were already there for me!

I engaged a little more self-discipline and walked every day. A good brisk pace in the fresh air, which benefited my son too. I began to add some resistance training and pilates style strength work to my routine. It wasn’t long before friends wanted to join me (instead of sitting around at coffee mornings).

I retrained as a personal trainer when my son was 10 months old. I chose a course with a heavy emphasis on pre and postnatal fitness. As I knew I wanted to specialise in Pre and postnatal fitness I became a member of The Guild of Postnatal Exercise Teachers and did further research into safe and effective workouts and created the Buggyfit programs of exercise.

I have been astounded at the number of like-minded women in the world who have become Buggyfit members. Some joining Buggyfit classes when their first baby is 6 weeks old and continuing through their pregnancy with a second and third baby and on from there. Others have become Buggyfit trainers to expand the network of available classes throughout the UK and now Overseas too!

We have now grown into a large team of brilliant specialist trainers creating a friendly Buggyfit community through our classes across the UK and into Europe. Amongst the team, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience including trainers who, as well as being fabulous fitness trainers, are also qualified Doctors, Midwives, Mental Health Nurses and Physiotherapists.

Megan Vickers

Ante/post-natal rehab crusader, pelvic pain enthusiast, mum, lover of life

Megan is a specialist in all things spinal and pelvic; from acute disc injuries and post-operative spinal surgery, through to pregnancy-related pelvic pain.

As a result of her passion for pre and post-natal health and fitness, along with her clinical expertise in pelvic floor treatment, Megan is highly regarded in the women’s health industry.

A trainer for the Buggyfit team, Ante-Post Natal rehabilitation teacher and co-Founder of her own method, Megan has become an expert in pregnancy and postnatal fitness. Ensuring we rehabilitate the whole person after having a baby – no matter how long ago. She believes in strengthening from the inside out. She understands what it takes to restore movement and strength and delivers progressive rehabilitation programs that are inspiring

“For me, physiotherapy is not just about relieving symptoms but understanding why they occur in the first place. Investigating, exploring and analysing movement and strength to optimise recovery is the best part of my job. Creating strength and efficient movement to resolve problems for good!”

Our Mums Say

What will I need?

There isn’t anything special you will need to take part in the Buggyfit at Home programme, we suggest you have the following:

  • Good footwear i.e. training or walking shoes to help with stability and support your feet correctly
  • Good fitting sports bra or wear two normal ones to give extra support
  • Water bottle for keeping yourself hydrated and something for your baby or toddler if they are awake


For when you are out walking as a warm-up you need to make sure you have layers on in colder weather so you can take them off and not get overly hot, and make sure baby is wrapped up and comfortable.

Preparation for workout

This is your time so do everything you can to make sure you don’t get interrupted, doing your warm up after just feeding is a great idea as your baby will probably be sleeping and allow you to get on with “you” time.


We have tried to answer as many questions as you may have here if you can’t find the answer please pop over to our support form and ask us there.

Yes of course this would be a perfect combination. Outdoor sessions in the fresh air with like minded parents, where you will receive hands on training and master perfect technique complimented by Buggyfit at Home to boost your results.

We have a short video with a comprehensive session on how to do this yourself or you can ask you GP or midwife to do it for you. Better still pop along to your local Buggyfit class or specialist womens health physiotherapist & ask for a check.

You get 4 videos to watch once you sign up see headings below. These are to go through what you need to know before commencing the programme to ensure you gain maximum results. on top os these you will have access to a new workout every week for 14 weeks, some weeks you won’t want to move on straight away

Where do I start
Watch all four videos to get familiar with them:
Posture– your posture is massively compromised during pregnancy and postbirth. It is wise to watch and assess your posture to ensure you complete each exercise with the best form and to help you regain perfect posture postnatally as you carry out your day to day life.
Diastasis recti– This is your tummy gap. It is important to check its width and depth and we take you through how to do this accurately. Why is this so important? You need to assess how wide/deep your gap is to know which exercise choice to make when we give more than one option.
Warm up– Although you may feel warm, it is always important to fully warm your muscles up before starting each session. This can take as little as 3-5 minutes so don’t assume it needs to add lots of time.
Stretching– It is important to stretch all the muscles you have worked to lessen any following day aching, known as DOMS ( delayed onset of Muscles Soreness) This will also minimise injury.

Do your Warm up, play week one and follow the exercise, then follow the stretching.
After a watching once or twice, you probably won’t need to watch the warm up again.

The Buggyfit at Home programme has been designed for ALL Mums. You can join after giving birth, or further down the line, Whenever you are ready. As every birth is different and each Woman’s rehabilitation progresses at a different pace, we have recorded fourteen workouts along with advice on warming up, posture, pelvic floor rehab, tummy gap assessment and stretching so you can start at any time and progress at your own pace. The Buggyfit at Home programme will be open for you for 12 months from the time you sign up as we don’t want you to rush ahead. We advise doing a minimum of 3 workouts per week and staying on a workout to maximise the benefit and perfect your technique rather than rushing on to the next if you are not ready. It is in your hands! The programme is a designed to help you gain strength at an appropriate pace for your postnatal body, the workouts will be sent to you over a 14 week period, however you can go back and forth in the programme at any point working to your desired level.

Providing your GP has give you the all clear to exercise these series of postnatal workouts will be suitable, and beneficial. If you have any worries please contact us or speak to you GP.

It was once thought that post caesarean Mums should wait longer to exercise, however the recommendation has been updated, and once you have had your GP check and sign off to start exercising, providing you feel well enough you can start then. Usually around 6 weeks.

Yes definitely, this programme will get you moving in a way that is safe and effective. The results are usually an improvement in Strength, tone and cardio fitness often with weight loss too, as you return to fitness. We would also suggest that if weight loss is a major goal, to start with simply cutting out snacking on processed foods and food groups containing refined sugar, including sugary drinks. Keep your energy levels up by replacing these with fresh fruit and vegetable snacks, lean protein, whole nuts, and make sure you are hydrated.

We hope not, we both love exercise and have created weekly programmes that we enjoy doing, so we hope you will too. It is important to understand how your body has changed and what is safe for you to do now. There is a focus on rehabilitation and regaining strength in a fun way and most exercises have an easier and harder option to work on through the week before moving on.

No, we demonstrate an easier option in most of the exercises, and if you wish to stay on a week until you are comfortable to move on, then this is fine. There is no ‘lowest’ starting point and you can always get in touch with questions should you find it hard.
This will be very beneficial for you as we focus a lot on rehabilitation after pregnancy and labour, with particular focus on pelvic floor function and re strengthening the abdominal muscles appropriately.

You should not start until you have the go ahead to exercise from your GP usually at your check at around 6-weeks, but don’t let that stop you joining in the 0-6 week period as we still have lots of good advice for you before you start the full programme. and will give you lots of information and tips about the changes to your body and what to do in those early weeks alongside walking.

Buggyfit at home has been compiled over 14 months by Emma Redding and Megan Vickers who are proud to bring their expertise together giving you the best of everything, the information is suitable from birth and the programmes can be started from 6 weeks with progressive exercises ensuring you get fitter and stronger throughout the duration. You can hold and pause on any week and go again when ready if you find anything too tough, please get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have along the way.

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Great that you’re here and one step from starting you post natal journey with us.

Thank you for coming to the payment page we have two ways for you to pay, both ways will give you access to the programme for 12 months, but due to the programme being delivered to you over fourteen weeks you can spread the cost over four months.

Start by filling in your desired way below, this will then take you to the payment page where you input a promotional code if you have one and your payment details, its as easy as that and then you will receive your login details.

Once again thank you and enjoy the programme.

Buggyfit at Home Monthly Plan

4 monthly payments of £44 for 12 months

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Start immediately, you can progress through the many tutorials and fitness routines at your own pace.

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No monthly payments, you can progress through our many tutorials and fitness classes at your own pace.


At Buggyfit at home we realise that this is a big step after having your baby and there can be a lot of questions before you start, we hope we have covered most queries in our FAQs section, but it you have something more you need to ask please do so using the form below.

We may take a few days to answer as like you we are busy Mums as well, but be sure we will get back to you, but remember it may already be covered on the FAQs page so it would be quicker to look there first.

Thank you for taking the time to look at Buggyfit at home.

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